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Find out what the specialists are saying regarding Spanish language books in the US market….

E-Readers Create Boom in US Spanish-Language Books,

by Dennis Abrams

This has to be considered a very good thing. According to a report in The Los Angeles Times, thanks to the explosive growth of devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, publishers are now for the first time, able to offer the United States’ 38 million Spanish speakers Spanish-language content – “often at a fraction of the cost of printed versions.”

As Ken Bensinger explains, “It’s the latest twist on the disruptive power of digital publishing. But in contrast to printed books in English, which have lost sales to cheaper electronic versions, ebooks in Spanish are delivering content where little existed before.”

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Spanish-language books flourish thanks to e-readers,

by Ken Bensinger


The market shift is also benefiting authors. A year after publishing her first novel in 2006, “Across a Hundred Mountains,” Whittier author Reyna Grande published it in Spanish. In 2012, she released a new memoir in English and added a Spanish translation when the paperback came out in April. And she’s now at work on a historical novel about the Mexican American War that will come out in Spanish and English.

“I’ve noticed that having it in Spanish helps increase sales in English and vice versa,” said Grande. “I plan to do all my work in both languages now.”

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