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We are an emerging translation company providing global, high quality language services to our worldwide clients.

Our mission is to build linguistic bridges that connect different cultures and help your company grow and your products reach new markets.

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Did you know…?


♦…that according to Cervantes Institute there are over 495 million native Spanish speakers in the world?

♦…that Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in U.S. homes?

♦…that according to 2006 census data, 44.3 million people of the U.S. population were Hispanic or Latin American by origin and that 38.3 million people, 13 percent, of the population more than five years old speak Spanish at home?

♦…that with over 50 million total speakers, the United States is now the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world after Mexico?

♦…that Spanish is one of the fastest-growing languages in the US, with the number of speakers up 233% since 1980, when there were 11 million Spanish speakers?


“I have been working with Carolina García since last March, in my role as Translation Manager at Evolved Publishing, when she came onboard as a Spanish translator. Carolina translated one of our books – Desert Rice by Angela Scott, and has already started on the sequel, Desert Flower.

I had the pleasure of editing Carolina’s translation and found it to be of excellent quality, while also capturing the voice of the author and the nuances of the characters. Her work is clean, pertinent, and appropriate to the genre.

Carolina’s pleasant and professional demeanor ensure a smooth, collaborative work interaction. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any literary translation project.”


Ana Popielnicki, Translation Manager at Evolved Publishing

“Quick, quality translation, and very attentive to details. I would definitely work with Carolina again!”

Laura Roberts, author of San Diego from A to Z

“Carolina provided a highly professional translation service. Her level of communication and ability to answer my never ending list of questions was simply impressive. Best of all, her attention to detail with language concepts for young children made for an excellent finished project.”